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150,000 Customers Refunded By Telstra

Telstra will refund 150,000 mobile broadband users after the Australian Communications, and Media Authority (ACMA) discovered the national telco had failed to send data usage email notifications resulting in customers being charged unexpected excess usage charges.

The issue, which has resulted in Telstra receiving a formal warning from the National Media Authority, was caused by SMS notifications to able to be received by broadband customers not connected with a mobile phone account.

According to ACMA Chair, Nerida O’Loughlin, Telstra had self-reported a breach of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code had occurred between September 2013 and May 2019.

Under the code internet service providers must send notifications within 48 hours of customers reaching a specified data usage limit.

‘By failing to send these notifications in the correct format, people have had to pay excess usage charges without sufficient warning.’

Now formally warned by ACMA, Telstra has automatically refunded all customers who complained about excess usage, also writing to all other affected customers to inform them of the excess charges.

ACMA has asked Telstra to report regularly on its progress of refunding affected customers until all customers have been reimbursed.

Any Telstra customer who believes they have incurred excess usage charges as a result of not receiving usage notifications between September 2013 and May 2019 can contact Telstra on 13 22 00.

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