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Vinyl Took Off Now Cassette Players Are Making A Return

First it was vinyl sales that took off now there is a move to bring back the cassette player with Crosley set to release two brand new cassette playing devices that also have a radio built in.

This week the Company announced that they’ve launched two new cassette players—the CT100 and CT200—the first-ever cassette players that the company has ever manufactured.

“Just as our portable record players helped bring vinyl mainstream years ago, we know our new cassette players will lead the charge on the revival of the cassette tape,” Director of Marketing Jason Menard said in a statement. “These new cassette players bring together the retro design and nostalgia of the 80s with modern technology, making them a must-have for all generations of music lovers.”

Both the CT100 and CT200 feature a tape deck with cassette auto stop, AM/FM radio, and a headphone jack. And, like some of those cassette players of old, these units feature built-in

music off of a thumb drive, SD card, or four different radio bands. The CT200, meanwhile, has a volume unit meter, treble and bass dials, and an extendable antenna.

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