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Zowie Vital Promises Unprecedented Control Over Your Next Soundcard

BenQ’s Zowie brand is gearing up to change the way PC gamers think about sound with their new Vital Audio accessory.

The company says that “In Professional eSports, the correct use of sound-play, or the identification of sounds in your surroundings, is one of the most important sources of information when playing any competitive game. The BenQ ZOWIE VITAL Audio System is the solution to achieve clear and consistent sound at home and in any tournament setting”

They say the Zowie’s Vital Audio System’s intuitive touch panel will enable players to take control and adjust the volume, bass, treble and microphone volume at any time, without the need to make changes within Windows or on the Control Panel and without any need for finicky drivers. It even comes with an independent analog-to-digital converter for it’s microphone, promising to enable better communication to your team. Every feature incorporated into the Vital further contributes to this premium experience.

“Convenience is important, but it should be accompanied by sound fidelity,” they say.

The Vital supports 360-degree sound play, easy toggling between different audio outputs and an accessible plug-and-play design.

The BenQ Zowie Vital Audio System is available for an RRP of $299AUD.

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