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Zoom Just Added A Host Of Handy New Features

Given that most of the working world — or at least those with office jobs — are using Zoom to run their business efficiently, it’s always exciting when it adds updates. It’s even more exciting when those updates actually make using Zoom easier, as is the case here.

Zoom has updated its video conferencing software with a host of new features, including adding a ‘Vanishing Pen’ to Zoom Meetings and video webinars, allowing you to highlight text or objects on the screen, with the highlighted annotations slowly fading, removing the need to constantly be scrubbing and undoing in order to clear your scribbles.

Whiteboard Auto-shapes also makes this process easier, straightening your not-so-straight hand-draw lines, and making those clunky circles into smooth-sided shaped.

There’s also more emoji reactions, for those times when words just don’t cut it, and new support for Facebook’s Portal TV webcam, meaning you can now Zoom from your television.

Zoom Phone users can also send and receive mass notifications, such as emergency storm warnings, or amber alerts, through InformaCast.

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