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Q Acoustics Take On The Audio Titans-For Less

Q Acoustics Take On The Audio Titans-For Less

Each one’s biography almost always tell a story of a company established aeons ago, who undoubtedly thrived on the back of then innovative products. Plenty of audiophiles pledge loyalty to these brands, which is why it’s incredibly hard for new companies to gain traction. 

Q Acoustics is one of the new brands who has managed to break into the competitive sound market. The seven year old company set out “to design and produce the very best affordable loudspeakers in the world.” 
It’s a simple mantra-do what the best do, only cheaper-and it’s one that has seen the company thrive, forcing their established rivals to change their game to keep up. 

Their refined range delivers high-fidelity sound in elegantly understated bodies. Geared to deliver transient sound, Q Acoustic speakers are dynamic in that they can play music just as the artist intended and then deliver the cinematic punch expected from a quality home theatre system.

Their most popular offering is the Q 2000i. It’s a 5.1 home theatre system comprised of two pairs of 2010i compact bookshelf speakers, a 2000Ci centre channel and the 2070Si sub-woofer. Each compact bookshelf speaker features a 100mm bass unit, a 25mm treble unit and a two way reflex port, the combination of which is responsible for their class-leading distortion levels. The centre channel 2000Ci throws in an additional 100mm bass unit, while the 2070Si subwoofer benefits from two 170mm bass units and 140 watts of Class D amplification. 

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Q Acoustics wanted to the 2000i series to add to a room’s look, and not take away from it. It’s for this reason they’ve concealed the speaker terminals from plain sight, and this diligence extends beyond the speakers to their accessories. 

2000ST Speaker Stands
. Designed specifically for the 2010 and 2020 bookshelf speakers 
. Precisions laser cut steel construction 
. Acoustic damping foam inserts absorbs vibrations 
. Spikes can be adjusted from the top for ease of use 
. Feature an integral cable management 
. Available in pairs in either Gloss Black or Gloss White 

2000WB Wall Brackets

. Tilt and turn speaker bracket 
. Adjusted by a single allen bolt 
. Each bracket comes with a matching bottom plate that neatly covers all the terminals and cables for a perfect visual finish
For audiophiles interested in sublime sound but are handicapped by space, Q Acoustics has developed the 7000 series. The 7000 series consists of the 7000LR left and right channel, the 7000C centre channel and the 7000S subwoofer. These speakers can be arranged as a basic 2 channel system, a sophisticated 7.1 home theatre and every other configuration in between. 

The 7000 series continues Q Acoustics’ tradition of delivering powerful sound from an inconspicuous speaker. The series’ left and right channel speakers, the 7000LR, are wall mountable and cleverly hide their terminals inside the mount. Another way the help keep a room’s look in tact is by functioning without the subwoofer as the speakers have a higher than normal power capability. 

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