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Its ON: Telstra “Treble Play” Foxtel + IPTV+ Internet

Its ON: Telstra “Treble Play” Foxtel + IPTV+ Internet
Its ON: Telstra "Treble Play" Foxtel + IPTV+ Internet

Tipped for some time, Telstra finally launch “entertainer bundles” with 11 Foxtel channels (on T-Box), BigPond  broadband, unlimited calls on home phone.

And there also a bundle if you want wireless broadband (500MB), but you can add more Internet data packs.

11 Foxtel channels shown on Telstra’s T-Box include SkyNews, FOX8, Cartoon Network, Discovery but you also get all the free to air channels like Seven and Nine, and bundlers can rent 6000+ BigPond Movies and TV shows via Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), as Telstra go hard on pushing Foxtel content, which it owns 50% of.

The home phone comes with discounted international call rates on all plans and family calls benefit for regular numbers dialled.

Just last week, the blue telco revealed it would be screening its own sports show called the Clubhouse via IPTV.

Telstra Entertainer Bundle customers can also add Foxtel Sports and Movies and Premium Drama package for the latest TV series “Express from the US” including cult series Game of Thrones.

Priced for the bundles kick off at $115 per month for 2 year contract, which comes with 100GB data, phone and TV channels, the $135 pack comes with a 200GB data and 500MB mobile broadband, and the top end pack costs $155 with a massive 500GB Internet allowance.

But it will cost more if can add on extras like the data packs, more TV channels.

You can buy Telstra’s T-Hub 2 smart home phone that looks like a tablet for a reduced price.

There’s an essential packages at $80 where you can bundle and the phone but no T Box.

“Our customers have flocked to our great value bundles, and told us entertainment and mobility were the features they most wanted to see added. These take centre stage in our new offerings,” said Telstra Director Broadband Bundles and Devices John Chambers .

“The inclusion of the Foxtel on T-Box “Get Started? pack along with access to more than 6000 movies and TV episodes to rent through BigPond Movies, places the Telstra Entertainer Bundles ahead of the pack. 

“Packaging premium IPTV content with all the great broadband and home phone benefits traditionally offered by a Telstra bundle provides a ready-made entertainment experience straight out of the box.”