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Panasonic Predict Big PVR Demand

The AV giant have launch a ‘digital switchover’ campaign ahead of analog TV shut-down in Sydney and Melbourne, plugging its Blu-ray, DVD and HDD Recorders, which start at $399.

Pana are expecting big PVR demand in December following the digital switch over in the two largest cities, on top of seasonal demand over Christmas, Alistair Robins, Panasonic’s Group Marketing Manager AV, told CN.  
Pana’s PVR add digital reception, if you don’t have a digital ready television. 

Panasonic saw significantly increased demand for its Recorders previously around the time of the digital switchover in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, so we would expect a similar trend in December,” he said.  

“Christmas is also a popular time for Recorder purchasing so we would expect good seasonal sales for us then as well.”
Panasonic’s Personal Video Recorders does a bundle of clever stuff, including records TV programs up to seven days ahead, pause live TV, ‘Remote Recording’, lets you set recordings of shows via smartphone or tablet, remotely. 

You can use apps like Facebook, YouTube and Skype and watch local content including Telstra Bigpond Movies, Quickflix and ABC iVIEW, via Panasonic’s VIERA Connect platform. 
The HDD players can record two programs simultaneously or watch one program while recording another thanks to twin HD tuners. 
Sydney analog TV shut-down on 3 December and Melbourne is shut down is week later on 10 December.   
“The upcoming digital switchover in Sydney and Melbourne gives residents in those cities the perfect opportunity to reboot their TV watching experience”, says Chasnyn Ousmand, Panasonic  Product Marketing Manager, AV
Pana have also opened a 132 600 Digital Ready hotline for consumers. 

Panasonic’s digital-ready HDD Recorders start at $399 for Full-HD Personal Video Recorder DMR-HW220                         RRP $399, and there’s also Full-HD 3D Blu-ray Disc player with 500 GB internal storage and  WiFi (DMR-PWT530) for RRP $499, DVD Recorder with HD playback for $499 (DMR-XW390). 
Head to www.panasonic.com.au/digitalready or call 132600 with the details of their current TV or Recorder models to receive free advice on how to transition to digital TV.