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YouTube Update Fades Out Shazam

When struggling to find a song, many of us turn to Shazam to tell us what song is stuck in our head. Upon success, many start listening to the song on YouTube Music.

YouTube is now in preparing to streamline the process, and is releasing a new update that will allow users to search for songs by singing directly into their phone.

YouTube is one of the largest video viewing platforms globally, however it still requires new features. Recently revealed was the ‘Spotlight Moments’ feature, allowing users to see more user and event focused ads on special occasions.

The new feature will work similar to the “hum to search” feature available on the Google app, and Google Assistant, but it will be integrated into the YouTube app. To use it, users will need to tap the microphone icon in the search bar, and then sing, hum, or whistle the tune of the song.

AI technology will then match the tune to the original recording, and provide a list of results. Currently, this feature is only available to a small number of Android users in beta testing.

It’s expected to roll out to all Android users within the next few weeks. There is no news on when it will be rolled out to iOS users. So, say goodbye to Shazam, and hello to the brand new, improved YouTube.

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