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Sharp 5 in 1 Microwave Perfect ForBuilt In

Where do you have your microwave, in a cabinet built into your kitchen or on a bench, with several major branded microwaves only recommended for benchtops.

Recently ChannelNews discovered that several leading brands selling microwaves in Australia are recommending that they only be placed on a bench due in part to risks associated with placing a microwave in an enclosed space.

One brand that has addressed the issue is Sharp who recently launched a new 5 in 1 microwave complete with built in air fryer. It also microwaves convection cooks with retailers finding demand for the new offering because it is approved for in bench installation.

On sale at The Good Guys the new Sharp offering is retailing for $649 with the 5 in 1 range consisting of two powerhouse Microwaves and one sleek design.

“Owners can bake, roast, grill and air fry inside a cabinet with a microwave that has specifically been designed for built in cabinets” a Company executive said.

A visit to several brands web sites reveals that most of their microwaves are recommended as only to be used on a benchtop, with questions now being raised as to whether an insurance Company could knock back a claim in the event of a fire because the microwave is in a cabinet that the microwave has not been designed for.

The new approved cabinet models from Japanese Company Sharp are available now in two finishes, the R321CAFST in Stainless Steel, AND R321CAFBS in Black Stainless Steel.

At 32 Litres, the 1100-watt microwaves along with 2100 watts for Convection, Grill, and Airfry functions provide ample space for any cooking needs, while the air fry feature is a new addition to the feature set found in microwaves being sold in Australia today. .

Matching black stainless or stainless trim and vent kits are available for customers who want to seamlessly integrate these Microwave into any Kitchen claims Sharp.Distributed by Tempo executives claimed “Sales are strong, and we are seeing sales growth for Sharp Convection because of our product innovation. We are delivering ASP growth for retailers and a unique story to talk to consumers about. Fewer devices on the countertop of Kitchen frees up space and this is a big benefit”.

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