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OZ To Get Apple $5K+ Vision Pro Headset Staff Sent To US For Training

Apple is getting set to sell their seriously expensive Vision Pro headsets in Australia according to sources, with staff being sent to the USA for four-day training exercise in how to sell their struggling new product.

The business is hoping for more success than what they have been having in the US for the US$3,499 (A$5,295 without GST) devices which is devoid of any compelling applications.

In the US Apple has a policy that allows consumers to return products within 14 days, sand they did with early adopters complaining of problems with the light seal that led to complaints about headache-inducing sessions.

Users complained that they felt like they’re watching a movie through binoculars.

The has company began holding training sessions in recent days and has flown hundreds of employees from its international stores to their California headquarters in the USA,

The Vision Pro was Apple’s biggest new product in years and when reviewers saw it many said it had problems including a lack in applications.

One target audience for Apple is the corporate world and medical organisations with Australian employees joining workers from Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China, Countries where the product is set to be launched.

The company previously said it would sell the device outside the US later this year, and Cook has specified that the Vision Pro will arrive in China in 2024.

Customers who visit an Apple Store in Australia are set to be presented with a 20-minute pitch on the features of the Vision Pro.

At this stage it’s not known whether any mass retailers will sell the product other than Apple Stores because sales in the USA have been “less than impressive” claim observers.

Retail stores are selling only a couple of units per week at most, claims Bloomberg News.

Up to now overseas customers have been able to get the Vision Pro through unofficial resellers but this has tried up as news of the problems associated with the device filtered through.

When Apple announced its earnings for the March quarter last week , it didn’t specify how the Vision Pro has fared to date.

But the company’s business unit that houses the gadget — wearables, home and accessories — saw sales decline 10% despite the headset launching during the quarter.

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