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Yamaha Releases New Digital Vocaliser Software

Yamaha has today released its new vocal synthesis software – ‘VOCALOID 5’ – which claims to to produce “any kind of singing voice” with just a computer.

The new software is available to download today from the official VOCALOID Shop (here) from JPY 25,000 (~A$300).

The launch marks the first new VOCALOID software version released in 4 years. The software was first unveiled in 2003, marking around 15 years of ongoing development.

The new production flow allows users to create vocal tunes by simply “dragging and dropping” over 2,000 audio and phrase presets.

Presets claim to support a wide variety of genres, including both male and female voices in several languages (e.g. Japanese, English).

VOCALOID5 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, with video demos available (here).

Further information is available on Yamaha’s VOCALOID5 website.

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