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Yahoo Bloatware Apps Coming To Galaxy S9

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9/S9+ will soon come pre-loaded with Yahoo ‘bloatware’, following a new deal between the Korean giant and Verizon subsidiary Oath. Whilst pre-installation of Oath’s apps is initially limited to the US market, global roll-out will reportedly come sometime in the future.

For the tech dyslexic, ‘bloatware’ refers to third-party apps which come pre-installed on a new device. The colloquial term reflects the fact many consumers ‘hide’ or ‘disable’ the majority of bloatware apps.

The deal will see Oath place four of its apps onto the new Galaxy S9/S9 Plus – Oath Newsroom, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and Go90.

The apps will reportedly have native advertisements, which claim to ‘blend’ with content.

Advertising revenue will be shared amongst Samsung and Oath.

Oath CEO, Tim Armstrong, asserts the advertisements get “ads one step closer to being direct to consumer. You can’t be more direct than being on the mobile phone home screen and app environment”.

Following its acquisition last year, Yahoo is now a subsidiary of Oath/Verizon.

In light of new bloatware, consumers will likely appreciate that the base Galaxy S9 ships with 64GB.

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