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Windows Tab To Soar ‘200%’ (But iPad Not Dead Yet)

Windows Tab To Soar

IDC analyst Suzanne Tai paints an interesting picture of the future of tablet movers and shakers down under. 

Although the analyst predicts a big uptake for newbie Microsoft (+200%) and Android tablets in 2013 – the tab darling iPad will stay top of the pile in the coming years. 
“iOS market share will fall further over the next five years. However, it will still remain as the dominant OS in A/NZ, due to its simplicity, user-friendliness and customer loyalty,” Tai told CN.  
Earlier this week, we reported how Apple iPhone loyalty in Australia has slumped, so love for the iPad may well go the same way.  
Last week, IDC confirmed Google Android tabs doubled their share in Oz to 36% in Q1, whereas Microsoft Windows (incl. Windows 7, 8 and RT) tabs swelled to 8%, at the expense of Apple tablets, which fell to 56% – down 25%
IDC forecast a whopping 200 percent growth for Windows tablets in 2013 down under – which all the big names like Sony, Samsung, and Dell are all advocating.   
“In 2012, a user would usually choose between an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but now, a year later, brands like ASUS, Acer, and Microsoft would also appear on the user’s radar,” says Tai.
Just this week, Microsoft announced cut-price deals on Surface tablets for students and teachers, chopping $330-$400 off recommended retail prices for students and teachers alike, which may push its market share further here. 
But the new convertible tablet notebooks (with detachable keyboards) like the HP ElitePad 900 and Samsung ATIV Smart PC models will hit the PC market more than the tablet market, Tai believes.  
IDC does not see a decline in demand for “pure” tablets, as tabs with detachable keyboards are pricier than tablets like the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Androids, all of which have dropped in price of late.