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Samsung Switch Off Plasma TVs

Samsung Switch Off Plasma TVsThe closure of its Plasma production panel business was blamed on poor demand for the TV technology, Reuters reports.

Samsung says it will now concentrate resources on its energy and materials business.

The closure will take effect from September 30. 

Plasma has not been a core TV technology at Samsung for some time, with Curved, ‘4K’ Ultra High Def and LED sets being the focal point of the business.
“We plan to continue our PDP TV business until the end of this year, due to changes in market demands. We remain committed to providing consumers with products that meet their needs, and will increase our focus on growth opportunities in UHD TV’s and Curved TV’s,” Samsung said in an official statement. 
Samsung released just one new 64″ Plasma TV this year at CES. The Samung f8500 was widely hailed as one of the best Plasma TV’s ever. 
Bing Lee has two Samsung Plasma TVs listed on its site – a 64″ Series 8 for $1499 and a 51″ set for $699.
Panasonic, a pioneer in Plasma technology also pulled the plug on production, earlier this year.