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Xbox Series X Stock Will Be Low Until June, Microsoft Warns

Microsoft has admitted stock for the new Xbox Series X will be limited until at least June this year.

The tech giant’s next-gen gaming console has been plagued with stock shortages since its launch in November 2020 and the problem is still persisting.

Mike Spencer, Microsoft’s head of investor relations, told The New York Times the company has “sold every Xbox unit it had last quarter” and added “supply is likely to be constrained at least through June”.

Gamers have been battling against scalpers reselling the Xbox for inflated prices online, with stock almost impossible to track down both in Australia and in international markets.

The shortage of Xbox Series X consoles (and PlayStation 5 for that matter) boils down to a lack of chips.

The CEO of AMD, which manufactures the chips, admitted the chip shortages will likely flow on until the middle of 2021 and during AMD’s fourth quarter and full-year 2020 results.

However, the stock shortage hasn’t hampered Microsoft’s earning power. Spencer told the publication that the company topped $5 billion in gaming revenue in a quarter for the first time.

Sony is due to post its revenue results later today, with questions lingering about the impact of PlayStation 5 sales on its bottom line.

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