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Xbox One X Pre-Orders Sell Out In Record Time

After opening pre-orders just over a week ago, Microsoft has announced that its Xbox One X is the fastest selling Xbox pre-order in history.

Microsoft hasn’t provided exact numbers on this ‘record-setting’ achievement.

As some context, Xbox One X units sold out on Amazon in 25 minutes.

In addition, fans have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles within the first five days than any other Xbox before.

Users should keep their eyes peeled for Microsoft’s announcement next month about the next wave of pre-orders for its standard edition Xbox One X.

The information follows recent news that Microsoft is now no longer selling its original Xbox One in the United States.

The device launched nearly four years ago, and reports state the Xbox One struggled to meet the sales of rival Playstation 4.

Last year, Microsoft launched the Xbox One S with a slimmer design in ‘robot white’, whilst also ceasing manufacture of the Xbox 360. The smaller console was widely accepted and praised over the original. It also offered integrated support with apps as Netflix and Amazon Video.

Word is, Microsoft is currently focusing on the Xbox One S as an entry level console and the upcoming Xbox One X for passionate Xbox fans.

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