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Xbox Gains In Marketshare, Slip In Revenue

Details from Microsoft’s latest quarterly financial report have seen their Xbox and games division report a gain in market share over rivals Sony. 

All told, the company reported $20.5 billion in revenue and $4.7 billion net income for the quarter.

Strong growth was also reported for their Xbox Live monthly subscription service, which grew 21% to 47 million.

This growth in both these areas is said to be primarily driven by the launch of the Xbox One S and a number of exclusive Xbox One titles. 

It’s an interesting move for the company to boast about market share given their own history of downplaying sales.

Back in 2015, the company infamously said they “will not be using console shipments as its primary metric for success” going forward. At that time, the Xbox was being smashed by the Sony’s Playstation 4 when it came to sales.

Their move to step back from this approach at a time where the numbers favour them isn’t particularly surprising but it could be interpreted as a diversion from the company’s 5% reduction in overall revenues.




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