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Samsung Cleans Up In OZ TV Market

Samsung Cleans Up In OZ TV Market

In the 55″ and over market where competition has been fierce this year Samsung has over 51.4% market, 21.9% ahead of their nearest rival.

In the 3D TV market, where Samsung is fighting a head on battle with LG, Samsung has 53.7% market share vs less than 24% share for LG. Both Korean companies are set to appear in the Federal Court in December over claims that LG engaged in deceptive and misleading conduct in the marketing of their passive 3D TV technology

In the Australian Smart TV market, Samsung has 36.1% share and 36.1% of the 40″ to 42″ market.

Philip Newton, the Director of AV for Samsung Australia, said during the past year Samsung has grown their share of the Australian market with the Company now resorting to flying in their new $10,000 75″ LED TV due to “short supply in the channel.”

“A lot of retailers who chose to stock our new 9000 series TV which retails for $10,000 underestimated the demand for the product. This resulted in many selling out and Samsung having to airfreight stock into the Country,” said Newton.

“Since we have moved our own staff into retail stores we have seen a significant lift in sales. We find that when a product is properly introduced to a consumer and they feel comfortable with both the brand and the product they will buy it and price is not always the deciding factor. Our $10,000, 9000 series TV is a classic example of that,” said Newton.

Currently Samsung is expanding their in-store display presence with consumers able to view a multitude of Samsung products in one spot.

A JB Hi Fi Queensland Manager told ChannelNews “When we have combined a Samsung TV with a Samsung notebook and Galaxy Note our sales of the Note and notebook increased significantly. By clearly demonstrating what is on offer from a brand like Samsung in store is leading to increased sales all round.”