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SoundTouch: Bose Play Off Sonos

SoundTouch: Bose Play Off Sonos Bose has just announced Wi-Fi ready SoundTouch speakers, a wireless audio system that pumps tunes to multiple rooms. 

SoundTouch system streams limited music sources – Internet music service Pandora, Internet radio, music library – but Bose have promised more services, including iHeartRadio and Deezer, in the second half of 2014.
The all in one system is controlled by the SoundTouch app or infrared remote control and has an OLED display. The app (compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) lets you explore music, and has six presets, where you can assign music sources -iTunes playlist, Internet radio station.

There are six dedicated preset buttons, and volume controls located at the top of SoundTouch. 
Similar to the Sonos system, it streams music to multi-rooms, and outdoors, with the addition of speakers. 
There are three models –  SoundTouch 30 ($899), will be joined by the smaller SoundTouch 20 ($549), and the compact SoundTouch Portable ($549), designed for different rooms in the house. 

All three go on sale next Monday, 14 October.  

Bose will also launch an updated Wave SoundTouch music system soon, and launched 12 other wireless audio devices including home theatre speakers, outdoor speakers and amps.