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World’s Smallest Air Purifier To Be Released In Oz

Wearable device company ible Technology has developed the world’s smallest air purifier which can be worn as a necklace to provide clean, healthy air wherever you travel.

The Airvida M1 generates more than 2 million ions/cm3 every 0.6 seconds around the users face and can be worn around the neck for easy use.

At just 5.5cm long and weighing only 20g, the Airvida works to purify PM2.5, reduces pollutants, pollen, airborne allergies and smoke around the facial area and is touted to effectively reduce 99.9% of common viruses in the air, such as the seasonal flu and common cold.

The device complies with European CE standards to ensure health and safety and promises to provide improved air quality wherever the user goes – from a bustling city street to inside your own home.

It also works to protect users from elements such as smoke from a bushfire, the whirling pollen and dust and debris from nearby construction sites.

The $299 air purifier comes with a titanium necklace which can also be switched to a collar clip and still works while it charges on the dock. It comes in two colours, black and pearl white.

Airvida’s wearable ait purifier was also recognised as an honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2020.

The company is also launching the Airvida C1, designed for children aged 3-10, and the Airvida L1 with double-vent design which is a little heavier at 70g andd comes in black, white and pink.

The Airvida M1 will be released in Australia in mid October, with dates TBC for the C1 and L1.

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