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Woolies Launch Happy Family Mobile Plans

In response to growing parental concerns regarding their child’s on-screen time, Woolworths Mobile has launched Happy Family Mobile Plans, allowing parents to manage and monitor their child’s online activity.

According to Woolworth’s Happy Family research, over half (54%) of Aussie parents claim they’d be more comfortable with their child having access to a smartphone or tablet if they were able to control their child’s online activity.

25% of respondents admitted they have no control over their child’s screen time and 71% are worried about the sheer amount of time children spend on smartphones or tablets.

And over half (55%) suspect that their child is sneaking time online without their parent’s knowledge.

Every Happy Family Mobile Plan includes a free 12-month subscription to a Family Zone Cyber Safety account.

Family Zone enables parents to manage and monitor screen time, including access to social media websites.

“The internet can be an amazing place when managed correctly, but it often leaves parents worried when they don’t know what their child is up to online,” said David Dunstan, Vice President of Marketing at Family Zone.

Dunstan believes these new plans will give “peace of mind” to parents.

“We understand the pressure parents face when it comes to mobile phone usage”, said James McMurrough, Head of Woolworths Mobile.

“It can be a difficult subject and we want to help parents feel empowered to protect their children online.”

In addition to a 12-month subscription to Family Zone, customers will receive an extra 200GB of data every three months which if unused up to 100GB of data will roll over.

For more information on Woolworth Mobile’s Happy Family Mobile Plans, see the website here.

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