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Windows 11 Lets You Keep Secrets From Workmates

After receiving many requests, Microsoft will now include a mute icon for your microphone on the taskbar for Windows 11 for when communications apps like Microsoft Teams are engaged, so it will be easier to not be heard when you don’t want to be.

Instead of having to manually search for the mute button in Teams, you can simply click the mic icon in the Windows 11 taskbar and choose Mute.

You can also use it to check your call audio status and see which app is accessing your mic.

Making call management easier, the icon will be present no matter what is on your screen or how many windows you have open.

“No more awkward or embarrassing moments when you forget to unmute or mute your microphone. You can now communicate and collaborate with confidence and ease using the new call mute feature on Windows 11,” say Windows spokespeople.

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