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Windows 11 Update Brings New Feature To Surface Laptop Studio

Following Apple adding the feature to their MacBook Pro range only recently, Microsoft have released an update for Windows 11 that introduces Dynamic Refresh Rates (DRR) to the Surface Laptop Studio.

DRR adjusts the refresh rate of the screen based on what you are doing, resulting in a smoother picture when needed, and a longer battery life.

So if you’re using your device for looking at still images or documents, it will reduce the refresh rate, using less of your power and battery life. For heavier workloads, the refresh rate will return to max.

The feature is not yet available and will be rolled out via two firmware updates which can be accessed by devices enrolled in the Windows Insider Dev or Beta channels. The feature will allow you to choose between 60Hz and 120Hz DRR.

The feature unfortunately, is less advanced than Apple’s ProMotion, which can adopt exact refresh rates up to 120Hz.

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