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Will SoundBeaming Do Away With Headphones?

Private listening without headphones is coming to the audio world with an Israeli firm demonstrating its new “SoundBeaming” technology.

Developed by Noveto Systems, SoundBeaming uses ultrasonic waves to place sound directly next to a listener’s ears, with sensors that detect head movements and allow the sound pockets to follow. According to the manufacturer, it represents a new type of sensory listening.

The system locates the position of your ears in space and beams acoustic energy to create tiny sound bubbles next to your ears.
When you move your head the sound bubbles will follow you. (Image: Noveto)

“With SoundBeaming you can hear audio from a variety of sources privately and without disturbing others. And because the sound is beamed directly outside the ears, listening becomes far more sensory and natural.

“In fact, you can even experience sounds in spatial 3D without needing complicated surround speaker setups or being limited to the stereo sound of headphones,” the company says.

Noveto bills SoundBeaming as having applications for videoconferencing, home entertainment, automotive, and fitness, among others. It gave a demonstration of its tester unit to the Associated Press over the weekend, and plans to release the SoundBeamer in December next year.

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