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Will New Panel Rehab For LG Display’s 8 OLED Win Apple Buyers?

LG Display is banking on Gen 8 OLED’s panels will impress Apple consumers to buy them.

The company is estimated to begin manufacturing this year of the Gen 8 OLED panels aimed at IT devices and competing with Samsung Display.

At a recent session in Seoul, Choong Hoon Yi, CEO of analyst firm UBI Research, suggested that LG Display may win over loyal Apple consumers and could begin distributing by 2026.

As one of the only display panel makers that commenced spending on Gen 8 OLED production, Samsung Display is leading the competition because for now, LG Display and BOE are yet to follow.

According to Yi, there has, however, been a bit of pause for LG Display because it has taken a longer than anticipated period to convert its current liquid crystal display line to OLED.

Yi also said that he believes LG Display and Samsung Display are in a good position over BOE because Gen 8 OLED will have a sure customer in Apple.

Samsung Display also announced its production beginning around 2025 of the Gen 8 OLED whereas BOE is challenged by examining Cupertino’s orders for iPhones at the present, Yi stated.

Also slowing the company down, only one of the three BOE Gen 6 OLED factories is currently in operation to contribute OLED panels for iPhones, Yi declared.

The lag in factory operation will be an additional hurdle for BOE and could mean that the company will trail behind its competitors for the unforeseeable future.

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