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Will Kaiser Baas Still Grow, After Sales Director Quits

Directors at Kaiser Baas have gone remarkably quiet following the resignation late last year of sales director Neil Kaberry who was credited with growing the Companies business in Europe.

Kaberry who 18 months ago took on the role as global sales director for Kaiser Baas, based in London is now Senior Business Development Director at Melbourne based Directed.

Early in 2017, Evan Kourambas the CEO of Kaiser Baas was bragging about his company’s sales success in Europe and the Middle East under Kaberry but since then the company appears to have been hit by a slowdown in demand for drones, hoverboards and in car cameras.

Another issue impacting the Company appears to competition with several distributors such as Laser Corporation and Cygnet competing for shelf space alongside Kaiser Bass while in Europe several brands are delivering value products similar to what Kaiser Bass was building their overseas business with.

Mid last year the local PR Company was fired and information flow from the Melbourne based distributor has dried up with no new PR Company being appointed.

Kaiser Baas, was also impacted by the collapse of the hoverboard market in Australia in 2017, with the Company forced to credit retailers such as Harvey Norman following a decision by the Federal Government and several local Councils to ban the sale of the devices due to the lithium batteries being a potential fire risk.

Back in June 2017 the Company said that were expanding sales in the USA via Ingram Micro. The Company also said that they were moving into the Home Automation market however an inspection of the Companies web site kaiserbaas.com reveals that there is no listing of the Companies planned home automation products.

In Ireland, Harvey Norman has been a major contributor to Kaiser Bass European revenues with the Irish arm of Harvey Norman still ranging Kaiser Baas action cameras and an extensive range of accessories.

In Australia the Company has also undergone extensive staff churn during the past 18 months however they do have an extensive range of action cameras, VR Goggles, accessories as well as one drone that is selling for $241 on the local Amazon website.

The same drone is selling for $149 on BigW’ s web site and is showing as sold out on the Companies own web site.

Kaiser Baas CEO Evan Kourambas did not respond to our requests for a comment.

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