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Wi-Fi Alliance Roll-Out Wi-Fi 6 Certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance has officially launched its Wi-Fi 6 certification program, heralding the next-generation of connected home consumer electronics.

“The home scenario today looks like the dense deployment of yesterday,” claims Wi-Fi Alliance marketing boss, Kevin Robinson.

Wi-Fi 6 claims to boost connectivity speeds especially in a crowded network, alongside a theoretical jump in maximum output.

Of most importance, the technology seeks to deliver more data at once, for noticeably better performance in the burgeoning connected home environment.

The standard also imposes better security, and is said to be a “game changer” for the future of 8K video streaming and more.

Certification roll-out is a notable milestone in the world of consumer tech, with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro all supporting Wi-Fi 6.

The Wi-Fi Alliance claims Samsung’s Note 10 is the first smartphone certified for the new standard.

Several vendors (e.g. Netgear) have already been working on Wi-Fi 6 products, however, today’s news marks the program’s official certification program launch.

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