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Why The Apple TV 4K Is The Ultimate Travel Device

Apple has just released tvOS 15.4, allowing Apple TV boxes to connect to WiFi networks with captive portals. Previously users were unable to connect to these networks, meaning that those travelling for work or pleasure were unable to use the devices in their hotel rooms.

Now however, the new update allows users to connect to these networks, providing they have their iPhone available to facilitate the extra login steps.

All Apple TV owners will have to do is go into the settings on their device and search for updates to download tvOS 15.4.

The compatibility with captive WiFi networks is something that has been offered by Roku and Amazon Fire TV for some time, meaning that Apple had been missing out on the convenience department.

However, as previously mentioned, users will need to have an iPhone ready to go so that they can go through the additional sign in steps.

Credit: Apple

The key point to take away from this is that the update is only helpful for those who actually have an iPhone and punishes those who use a hybrid of brands for their technological needs. While this does add to the appeal of purchasing an iPhone for some users, it could also prevent users from buying the Apple TV, and instead opt for the Roku Premiere or the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which both accommodate for all mobile devices.

However, on a larger scale, this is unlikely to completely discourage hotels from purchasing Apple TV’s for their rooms, as they would already be connected to their network. They may however be discouraged by the inability for non-iPhone users to interact with the device with their phone.

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