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WhatsApp To Block Users Who Don’t Accept New T&Cs

Encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp will block users who do not accept its updated terms and conditions by the May 15 deadline.

WhatsApp users will not be able to receive or send messages until they accept the T&Cs – which is part of a new update aimed at enabling payments to be made via the app.

The accounts will also be listed as ‘inactive’ and will be deleted after 120 days of no activity.

Facebook – which owns WhatsApp – informed users in January that the app would soon share information and data with the social media giant.

WhatsApp already shares information with Facebook, including the user’s IP address and purchases made via the platform.

The company originally gave users a February 8 deadline but delayed the rollout after backlash.

WhatsApp has faced controversy over its privacy terms and conditions following the announcement, with rival platforms such as Telegram and Signal growing in popularity as users switched services.

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