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What’s The Cure For Smartphone “Battery Anxiety”?

What’s The Cure For Smartphone “Battery Anxiety”?

An LG study shows that smartphone users in their numbers are suffering from “battery anxiety”, with LG prescribing a cure of doubling up on batteries.

The LG USA study of 2,000 smartphone users lifts the lid on the habits of users when it comes to battery drain, revealing that more than 30 per cent of users arrive late for meetings, to parties, through to dates “because of low battery and the constant need to charge”.


When batteries drop to 20 per cent or less, users will take a range of measures, including: 39 per cent asking a total stranger to charge their smartphone (despite 46 per cent feeling embarrassed to do so, but asking regardless) and ordering something at a bar or restaurant just to use their power outlet (22 per cent).

Users will also skip the gym to charge their smartphone (33 per cent), secretly “borrow” someone else’s charger (35 per cent) and argue with a significant other or romantic interest because of unanswered calls or texts (23 per cent).

Topping users’ fears when faced with a dead battery is missing calls (41 per cent), while 17 per cent of males missed a match on a dating app because their phone died before they could swipe.

Meanwhile, when it comes to preventative measures, 88 per cent of users take measures to prolong battery life, with 86 per cent recharging their battery one to three times per day and 80 per cent charging before they leave home, regardless of whether they need to, while 28 per cent keep their smartphone charging the majority of the day.

Among all users, 41 per cent have three or more chargers, and 32 per cent will drop everything and make a u-turn back home to charge their phone.

Among millennials, 61 per cent will turn off their smartphone and half will refrain from taking photos to prolong battery life, while 62 per cent refrain from using social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, if it means prolonging battery life.

The LG stats also show that 60 per cent of users have used someone else’s phone to make a call or send a text while their phone was out of battery, while 71 per cent of users don’t like to lend their back-up charger or battery due to a fear of not having it available.

LG, however, has a solution in the form of its flagship LG G5, with users able to click in a replaceable battery once their primary battery has run out. Via LG’s dual-function spare battery charging kit, users can also charge their LG G5 battery or USB-compatible devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Gino Casha, LG Mobile Australia and NZ general manager, stated LG doesn’t want its users to suffer from low battery anxiety on their LG G5.

“Especially with a high number of people playing games on mobile phones, draining battery, it’s imperative we make recharging easy for LG G5 users,” Casha commented.

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