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What’s Knewz.com All About? News Corp Takes On Facebook & Google For Clicks

Media billionaire Rupert Murdoch has launched a new site that aims to try and tackle Facebook and Google for clicks.

The Murdoch owned News Corp launched Knewz.com this week, a new multi-source website that’s claimed to be ‘free of “filter bubbles” and “narrow-minded nonsense”,’ according to The Australian, a masthead owned by News Corp.

Chief executive of News Corp, Robert Thomson, said Knewz.com will be transformative for the global publisher.

‘Knewz is unique in that readers can, at a single glance, see multiple sources. It is not egregious aggregation but generous aggregation. There are mastheads from across the political and regional spectrum, and premium publishers will not be relegated in the rankings,’ Thomson said.

‘Readers will have access to publishers large and small, niche and general, located in all 50 states.’

But the new ‘Knewz’ site has already met criticism after being launched in a loud, bright and busy black and yellow theme that’s been mocked online by twitter users and The Guardian.

Knewz.com was launched in the US and collects a wide variety of articles from competitors, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, NBC and ABC News.

Their competitive strategy is ensuring publishers are ‘rewarded for original journalism,’ which Knewz.com will do by sharing ‘as much data as possible’ with publishers so they can monetise their content, News Corp claims.

This is not done by Facebook or Google.

News Corp also says that masthead branding will be prominent in their website to respect the original news source. But this doesn’t appear to be the case, as publishers’ titles are posted in a smaller grey font below the large black font which carries the article name – and gets the clicks.

Depending on where the articles are featured on the Knewz.com homepage, the publisher’s logo may appear below the articles title.

Knewz.com will be available for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing with a mobile app being in the works.

The new website is currently sourcing articles from over 400 publishers.

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