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What Is The Best Audio Gear To Play Adele’s New Music On?

London based singer songwriter Adele has a big new Album and the complexity of her emotions and the nuanced production make this her most ambitious work to date.

At SoundMag we decided to look at the latest gear to play this new 30 Album on. The publication is now available here to download for free.

Early in the press cycle for her fourth LP, Adele referred to 30 as her most personal album yet—a high bar for someone whose wrenching second album taught the entire world how to cry and compelled Julia Roberts to publicly threaten Adele’s next boyfriend.

To get the best out of the full weight of her expressive mezzo-soprano music there are today a multiple of options from streaming to vinyl.

Big sound is definitely back, and SoundMag is here to help you experience it in all its glory, serving up the best equipment the audio world has to offer for premium aural accuracy.

There is in-depth coverage of the new Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin. Designed for the 24bit era, it’s lost its dock and embraced wireless speaker connectivity, while getting cosy with Alexa.

We also reveal how to get the best out of an ARC HDMI channel so your TV, soundbar and receivers truly sing.

Then there’s everything you need to know about the creator-focused Pro X headphones and mics from Beyerdynamic, plus Cambridge Audio’s upgraded Melomania 1+ headphones.

The new Devialet Phantom range of speakers meld gorgeous design with high-end sound, then we check out how Fender, Marshall and McIntosh shaped the sound of the 1960s and are still making a serious aural impact now.

There’s a lot to love about JBL’s Bar 9.1 soundbar with wireless subwoofer and surrounds, with immersive Dolby Atmos, which puts you right in the zone with movies and music.

Plus, we see just how deep a compact sub can go with the M&K Sound V10+, the Marantz Model 30 covers your analogue integrated amplifier needs, Sennheiser add ANC and adaptive Bluetooth to their CX earphones, and the vinyl revolution keeps spinning with some great reissues and Adele’s 30 on clear vinyl exclusive to JB Hi-Fi.

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