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What Are They Smoking, Chinese Brand, Oppo Believes They Can Knock Off Samsung In The Premium Smartphone Market

Oppo who has aspirations to knock off Samsung in the smartphone market has rolled out the FindX2, the only problem is that consumers are now moving to shun the Chinese brands with several US senators calling on consumers in the USA, Canada and Australia to stop buying “any” Chinese made products.

In the past attempts at offering an all Chinese made 5G smartphone from Oppo failed dismally.

When Telstra first rolled out their new 5G handset offerings, including the Oppo 5G Reno attracted over 85% of the sales despite Telstra CEO Andy Penn spruiking the Oppo 5G handset.

The new Oppo Find X2 premium smartphone offering, has three models in the range, at this stage do incorporate the latest Google Android offering despite archrival Huawei now banned from incorporating the latest Android OS and Google apps.

To position their handsets as premium Oppo has priced the Find X2 Pro at $1,599, the Find X2 Neo at $999 and the Find X2 Lite at $749.

Despite being Chinese and being from a Company that would find it very difficult to say no to the Communist Chinese Government who are known to pressure Companies such as Huawei to use their technology to spy on individuals Oppo has priced their Find X2 Pro device significantly higher than the Samsung Galaxy S20+ which is selling for $1,299 and the iPhone 11 which retails for $1,199.

Recently Oppo smartphones were dumped by Harvey Norman who are a key partner pf Optus.

Not only was the Oppo 5G smartphone a fizzer retailer struggled to sell the discounted model ahead of the Find X2 roll out.

Some media organisations claim that Oppo’ s aspirations to be a player in the premium smartphone market is because they see an opening in the high end Android market due to the loss of market share by Huawei, following the Trump administration’s ban on companies transacting with the China company.

ChannelNews believes that new smartphone models from TCL and Motorola which are due to be released shortly and have similar specs to their Find X2 will outsell the Oppo offering as they are tipped to be half the price of the new Oppo offering.

The Australian newspaper claims, that ‘The Oppo Find X2 Pro will need to be damned good to compete against the premium competition’.

The new device has a 90.9 per cent screen-to-body ratio like the new TCL 10 Pro.

At this stage it has a Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 processor which Oppo says promises a 25 per cent speed bump from 2019.

Currently Oppo is tipping millions into developing their own processors such to problems getting access to US technology by Chinese Companies.

This process is already used on phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 range and will be in the new TCL and Motorola models.

Handsets are available in “ceramic black” and “vegan leather orange” from Telstra, Optus, JB Hi-Fi, Woolworths Mobile, Mobileciti, Catch of The Day, Kogan, Officeworks online and Bing Lee.

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