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Weekly Radio Audience Nearly 17 M As Smartphones Boost Accessibility

Roy Morgan Research figures show that 86 per cent of Australians 14+ (16,861,000) tune in to radio during the week, with smartphones making radio more accessible.

Across the week, the breakfast time slot draws the majority of listeners at 10,402,000 (53 per cent), ahead of drive-time (8,211,000, 42 per cent), morning (7,780,000, 40 per cent) and afternoon (6,621,000, 34 per cent), the Roy Morgan figures show.

During peak television viewing time, the evening radio slot totals 3,183,000 listeners (16 per cent), with those listening between midnight and 5:30am numbering 981,000 (5 per cent).


Meanwhile, over seven in 10 radio listeners tune in to multiple different time slots over the course of a week, with 38 per cent listening to two different time slots and 31 per cent listening to three or more different time slots.

“With the rise of smartphones, radio is now accessible to most Australians anywhere and anytime throughout the day,” Michele Levine, Roy Morgan Research CEO, commented. “Seventy seven per cent of radio listeners now have a smartphone, and these owners are more likely to listen to multiple time slots.


“The most crossover happens between the two peak periods: 70 per cent of drive-time listeners also tune in at breakfast during the same week. Meanwhile, the morning slot has the highest proportion of unique audiences: 17 per cent of listeners between 9am and midday only listen during that slot.

“Macquarie’s news talk radio audience is the most likely to listen to radio at three or more different time slots during the week.”

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