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Wearables Key To Aussie Radio Ratings Overhaul

Commercial Radio Australia is tracking radio listening habits through electronic watches, as the GFK Radio360 audience measurement system, which is used for radio ratings, starts to roll out its latest innovations.

The GFK MediaWatch identities when wearers are listening to a specific radio station, by matching the audio. Heat and motion sensors confirm the device is being worn (rather than simply left near a radio) to ensure accurate readings.

The system is being piloted in Sydney from today, with similar tests to begin in other capital cities in the coming weeks.

This information will help add live streaming data to radio ratings, which will see audited live streaming audience figures join radio surveys later this year.

“We’re extremely excited to be moving ahead with GfK and the multimillion-dollar transformation of the radio ratings system,” said CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner.

“Digital listening is growing at pace and advertiser interest is high. Through these changes, the industry will have for the first time a single source for live streaming data that is uniform and consistent across all the major commercial radio networks.

“This will provide clarity on the size and profile of radio’s growing streaming audiences and help the networks and advertisers realise the significant opportunities in this area.”

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