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Listen Up: “Breakthrough” Phorus Audio For ‘Droids In OZ

Phorus‘ wireless home audio system for Android has hit Australia, Conexus has announced. 

The Phorus PR1 Receiver hooks up to existing home audio systems and there’s also a docking PS1 Speaker, which has Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and lets your Android device sit and stream tunes from services like Pandora, internet Radio, or music library. 
Phorus’ home audio system has DTS Play-Fi technology, meaning you can stream from your Android tablet or phone over a WiFi network, using Play-Fi’s app.
It promises lossless audio streaming, with unreal sound quality compared better to Bluetooth devices.  
Phorus PR1 Receiver streams (priced at $249.95) music wirelessly to an existing audio system, and has whole-home, multi-room, multi-user feature. It connect to the home network instantly via free Play-Fi app. 

Users can link speakers up and stream the same song everywhere in the house, or individuals can  stream their own songs to their own speakers on the network, with no interference. 
Both are compatible with any Google-based phones and tablets, so works on Samsung Galaxy’s, HTC, Asus or any other Droid devices. 

Phorus PS1 Speaker, priced at $299.95, has a dual-core digital signal processor and Dual Class D digital amps. 

Both Phorus PS1 Speaker and Receiver have Bluetooth, so iPhone, iPad users can also use the system, but multi-room streaming and lossless audio transmission, are not supported in Bluetooth mode. 
“With lossless audio streaming, the Phorus products with Play-Fi are a major step above low quality, limited range Bluetooth wireless options” say Connexus. 
The Play-Fi app can play anything in their music library, stream from Pandora or any Internet Radio station or stream to a music server at home. 

“We are delighted that Phorus has chosen CONEXUS to represent the company and bring Phorus’ Play-Fi connected home audio system to the Australia market,” said David Murray, Managing Director of CONEXUS.  
“With smartphones and tablets the centre of the music experience, Phorus has created the optimum system for music lovers looking to create a whole-home audio experience.”