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XXL TV: LG Unleash 100″ Laser TV $9K…(But At Harvey’s Only)

Priced at $8999, LG’s Laser DLP display beams Full HD images onto the screen from 56 cms away.  

The  16:9 Widescreen has stunning full HD 1080 resolution for “images that really pop”, Wi-Fi, Intel Wi-Di, DLNA, 
10W x 2 (Stereo), virtual surround sound. 
Hailed as an alternative to a projector screen, the slim body 100-inch TV h as a bundle of connectivity options to hook up other devices: 2 x USB 2.0 inputs,  3 x HDMI inputs,  1 x AV (composite) input, LAN Port. It’s designed for movie and sports lovers. 
First unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, it’s the largest out-of-the-box consumer broadcast TV available, say its maker, revealed in Australia at Event Gold Class Cinema in Sydney in June.
LG were pulling all the stops out treating media to a preview of the stunning 100″ TV’s  Laser DLP Projection System  (equivalent to 4x 50″),  and there no denying images were super sharp and the screen quality pretty amazing for a home TV.

LG’s Laser Display come in a bundle includes: Ultra-Short Throw Laser DLP device, 100-inch screen, and 1TB Twin HD Tuner Recorder and 3D Blu-ray Player (HR938T).

TV’s over 55″ account for over half of TV’s sold, and screen size and definition, format and digital tuner are the main features consumers are looking for when it come to TVs. 
LG Marketing GM, Lambro Skropidis says there is “huge demand” for extra-large screen TV in Oz, and say the 100 -incher will “transform any home into a true cinema”. You don’t even need a darkened room. 
“This is a great choice for people who want to create a special home cinema experience at a more accessible price.” 
It has long life span – up to 25,000 hours in economy mode, equivalent to 13 years used 5 hours a day, much longer than traditional mercury-based lamps. 
However, the 100 inch Laser TV will be sold at Harvey Norman only, from early July and the price includes installation.
At the moment, the device is on “exclusive” with Harvey’s, an LG spokesperson confirmed to CN. 
“We have a strong relationship with HN, and they take a lot of products onboard.” The LG new-to-market TabBook and notebooks are also sold only via the retailer. 
However, the spokesperson would not give further details of the partnership deal. 
The TV is also practical – you only have to sit 56 cms away from the screen (unlike some that require you to stand 4m away), so may not necessarily need a enormous room, although a screen that size may look daft in a small space.

LG believes this Laser monster DLP TV means its ‘No. 1 TV innovator’ in OZ, along with the recently unveiled 4K and OLED TVs and  LG Cloud for TV. 
This is another innovation that “will broaden our product offering” says Skropidis. The Korean maker says “the next 12 months positions us in strong leadership” of the TV market, as makers including Panasonic, Samsung, Sony fight for dominance at the top end of the market, which promises higher margins. 
LG plans to deliver more home entertainment innovations in the second half of the year. 
The compact installation of  the 100-inch Laser Display also makes suited for business applications, including videoconferencing.