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Watch: Popular Robots “Dangerously Easy” To Hack For Violence & Spywear

Cybersecurity firm IOActive, based in Seattle, has revealed just how “dangerously easy” it is to hack several popular robots (both industrial and consumer), turning them into effective spy-wear or dangerous weapons.

One hacking test even revealed a popular robot’s capacity to cause a skull fracture. The firm said that because of this industrial robot’s size “even running at low speeds, their force is more than sufficient to cause a skull fracture”.

IOActive have released a video demonstrating how an otherwise ‘cute’ home assistance robot [UB Tech’s Alpha 2 Robot], can be turned into a device capable of stabbing with a screwdriver.

IOActive was also able to disable key safety features in Universal Robot devices, in a manner that could see someone programming them to injure nearby humans. The discovery is especially worrying given the robots are designed to work alongside humans.

IOActive states:

“Similar to other new technologies, we’ve found robot technology to be insecure in a variety of ways, and that insecurity could pose serious threats to the people, animals, and organizations they operate in and around”.

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