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Daikin Indoor Fan Deck Unit Recalled

An indoor fan deck unit found inside Daikin air conditioning systems has become the subject of a recall notice by the ACCC after it was found that the wiring harness had been reversed and assembled incorrectly.

The ACCC claims this poses a risk of serious injury or death to technicians from electric shock while the unit is being worked on.

Consumers are not required to do anything to fix the problem but have been urged to get in contact with Daikin should the unit require servicing.

The product is an indoor component of the air conditioning systems, installed in the roof cavity of a house, or in the bulkhead cavity of apartments.

If a consumer wants to know if they own an affected unit, they can check the rating plate on the outdoor unit.

There will be two model numbers and a serial number. The first model number is the outdoor model, and the second model number (underneath) is the indoor model number. It starts with F.

If this model number is on the list below, it’s an affected product.

If the consumer has trouble locating either of these numbers, or doesn’t have access to the outdoor unit, they have been urged to contact the Customer Service Information number (1300 362 438) between Monday and Friday (8AM to 5:30PM AEST).

More information can be found out by contacting the Daikin Customer Service Information number (1300 362 438) between Monday and Friday (8AM to 5:30PM AEST).

See below the list of affected Daikin air conditioners:

  • FDYQ180LCV1
  • FDYQ200LCV1
  • FDYQ250LCV1
  • FDYQN180LCV1
  • FXDQ20TV1A
  • FXDQ20TV1B
  • FXDQ20TV1C
  • FXDQ25TV1A
  • FXDQ25TV1B
  • FXDQ25TV1C
  • FXDQ32TV1A
  • FXDQ32TV1B
  • FXDQ32TV1C

  • FXDQ40TV1A
  • FXDQ40TV1B
  • FXDQ40TV1C
  • FXDQ50TV1A
  • FXDQ50TV1B
  • FXDQ50TV1C
  • FXDQ63TV1A
  • FXDQ63TV1B
  • FXDQ63TV1C
  • FXMQ160PV1A
  • FXMQ180PV1A
  • FXMQ200PV1A
  • FXMQ250PV1A

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