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Changhong’s Wallet-Friendly TVs Have An 8mm Frame


The latest additions to Changhong’s range are two 29 inch LED televisions characterised by an 8mm thin bezel. Although they’re gentle on the pocket, you’d struggle to tell from the look of them.

These televisions are the first in Australia to feature 29 inch screens. On their thin sides are 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 2 AV-in ports and one Optical port.

The 29A6500DV model has an inbuilt TV player, which makes it the ideal television for bedrooms. Both models will record live TV on a USB stick just like a PVR for later viewing.

Changhong’s 6500 series televisions have a high 8 star eco-friendly rating and come with a competitive 2 year warranty. The standard 29 inch 6500 retails for $399, while its DVD sibling costs $449.