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New JBL Studio 2 Speakers Coming In New Year

New JBL Studio 2 Speakers Coming In New Year

The technology is said to deliver a stereo image with natural balance, detail and accuracy to any position in the listening room, the new speakers will be released early in 2014. 

“JBL engineers pioneered a new patent-pending waveguide design that enables neutral frequency response, not just on-axis, but off-axis in the vertical and horizontal planes,” said Harman senior marketing director Chris Dragon. “The unique geometry of this waveguide allows us to deliver remarkable high-frequency detail, imaging, and natural balance at nearly any listening position in a broad range of acoustic environments.”

“The big news here,” he added, “is really the fact that we fully leverage all of our engineering horsepower in Northridge, Calif., and even conducted rather extensive consumer testing using our MLL listening facility. So they have been benchmarked against all key competitors to ensure that we delivered a voicing that consumers really loved.”

The series, which does not replace a current series, consists of three floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf speakers, two center-channel speakers, a surround speaker, and two powered subs. Pricing for the new speakers has not been announced.

Speaker cabinets feature soft edges, no visible fasteners, gloss-black top panels, and black and espresso wood-grain finishes.