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Vodafone Streamlines Postpaid Plans As Telstra Stumbles

Vodafone has moved to simplify its mobile offering by doing away with two-year lock in consumer contracts for plans that combine voice, text and data.

“Not only have we made our smartphone plans and payments more flexible, we’re proud to announce our new consumer voice, text and data plans, with month-to-month and 12 month options available. They now come with even more data and range from $30 to $100 with six simple price-points,” said Ben McIntosh, Consumer Business Unit Director, Vodafone Australia.

“This gives people the power to create a payment structure that suits them. It also helps them easily see what they’re paying for each month, without locking them in for long periods of time.”

Available from today, Vodafone’s new plans separate mobile services (voice, text and data) and handset costs. They even allow customers to pay off their device early by simply paying the remainder of the recommended retail price instead of being locked in or paying a heavy exit penalty.

“We’re not going down the leasing path, which is the equivalent of paying off someone else’s mortgage and never getting to own the house,” said McIntosh.

According to him, “we simply think it’s a waste of money and telcos shouldn’t be trying to turn mobile phone plans into something like the Australian property market, where for many ownership is a long-lost dream.”

Vodafone also announced they will be bringing Wi-Fi calling to the network later this year.

More information about the new plans can be found on the Vodafone website.


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