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Vodafone Launch Mobile Speed Tier Plans With Infinite Data

Vodafone has launched its new mobile speed tier plans, offering consumers infinite data on three different tiers – Lite, Super and Ultra – up to 25Mbps.

The five new Vodafone Infinite Plans provide speeds up to 2Mbps,10Mbps or 25Mbps in Australia, if they use their monthly Max Speed data allowance.

The new Infinite Plans are available as SIM-only, or with a new phone on a 12, 24 or 36 month interest free mobile payment plan – accompanied with Max Speed data inclusions.

[Vodafone Australia]

“Vodafone changed the game in 2018 when we were the first Australian telco to offer a range of endless data plans and eliminating excess data charges in Australia for customers who took up one of these plans,” states Arthur Panos, General Manager of Product and Devices.

“Now we’re leading the market once again and taking that concept to a whole new level with the introduction of Vodafone Infinite plans.”

The initiative seeks to move the the telco beyond the traditional data allowance concept, offering a usage experience that suits a person’s needs and offers connection even if they go over their Max Speed data.

“Whether it’s doing a virtual meeting on the run, firing off emails at lunch or catching up with loved ones over video chat, we’re excited to give customers new infinite data options and more choice when it comes to their mobile plan,” adds Mr Panos.

Further information and full terms and conditions are available on Vodafone’s website here.

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