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Cyberattack on Global Logistics Giant Gefco Could Cost Company Millions

Global logistics company GEFCO says a mystery cyberattack last week was designed to ‘disrupt’ its business operations across the world, with similar data hacks costing other shipping companies millions of dollars.

The France-based firm released a statement confirming it was a victim of an offensive malware attack and is working with its IT partners and authorities to investigate the issue.

“Our IT team, together with our IT partners are working 24 hours a day to restore our business apps and we have already made a lot of progress in finding backup solutions,” Gefco said in a statement to customers, colleagues and partners.

“As soon as we learned about the cyberattack, we contacted our customers and partners to inform them, and we mobilized our employees to identify and implement alternative processes to ensure business continuity.”

However, Gefco did not offer details on what systems had been affected by the cyberattack, with a spokesperson telling Loadstar it was ‘impacting our operations’.

CEO Luc Nadal reminded stakeholders Gefco had ‘weathered many storms’ in its 70-year plus history and is committed to improving its business operations.

“We are a resilient and robust organisation with a strong ‘Partners, unlimited mindset,” Nadal said.

“We have pushed back boundaries to find solutions for our customers throughout the years, and today we are grateful for your commitment to us.”

Gefo provides logistic solutions for clients around the globe, with operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Gefco is one of several logistics companies targeted by ransomware attacks in recent months, with Danish shipping firm Maersk losing between $250m and $300m, while FedEx fell victim to an attack which cost the company around $300m.

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