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Virgin Now Charging For Wi-Fi

Virgin Australia has begun charging travellers for high-speed inflight Internet on some domestic flights, although slower connections will remain free of charge, David Flynn reports for the online Australian Business Traveller.

Prices will kick off at $8.99 on shorter routes, such as Brisbane-Sydney and Sydney-Melbourne, Flynn says,

“Costs for high-speed services will vary depending on the length of the flight,” a spokesperson for Virgin Australia told Australian Business Traveller, describing the rollout as a “trial” which “is not restricted to specific routes.”

“We expect guests will use up to 13Mbps for higher-bandwidth applications such as video streaming and downloading large files or attachments,” the spokesperson said.

A standard connection for “basic Web browsing, e-mail and social media” will remain free, with Virgin predicting “most guests (will) use under 1Mbps for these services.”

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