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Video Leak: Galaxy Z Flip Shown Off By Leakster

Samsung is set to reveal the Galaxy Z Flip later this month, but thanks to a new Twitter leakster, you won’t have to wait to see the flip phone in full.

The clamshell-style smartphone is due to hit the market within the next few weeks and is expected to take on Motorola’s revamped Razr – which is already inundated in pre-orders.

Consumers who are eagerly awaiting Samsung’s Unpacked event to see the foldable flip phone in full will no longer have to use their imagination to view the phone.

Twitter user, yunas ali, has unveiled the phone in a leaked, unofficial video that starts off with an exterior shot.

When the device is closed, the Galaxy Z Flip will present owners with a secondary display positioned next to its dual-camera setup.

Samsung plans to run notifications through this display, including time, message notifications and alerts.

The standby layout for the secondary display also offers date and battery life.

The backside of the Galaxy Z Flip doesn’t appear to sport any particular features or components aside from its sleek aesthetic.

On the inside, the flagship flip phone looks similar to other smartphones released on the market in recent years.

Samsung reportedly wants to the phone to resemble a traditional smartphone in the internal aesthetic. But the Galaxy Z Flip is expected to measure taller than other smartphones, although no official comments have been made.

While the leak is simple, it confirms Samsung will inset a circular cutout to store the Galaxy Z Flip’s front-facing camera, but everyone knew that would likely be the case.

Samsung also appears to try and hide the crease along the horizontal axis of the flagship foldable phone. Pre-installed wallpapers will attempt to minimise its prominence, but owners will be able to see it when the super AMOLED display shows sold colours.

As for specifications, the Galaxy Z Flip should fall into the high-end category, reportedly featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ chip, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Those details are speculated to be for the base configuration, but Samsung may roll out a number of variants that differ in storage, memory and size.

Consumers can expect several products and services to be announced during Samsung’s official Unpacked event on 11 February.

Both the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip are guaranteed to be unveiled during the event.

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