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Telstra Stores Set For Digital Revamp

Telstra Stores Set For Digital RevampTelstra retail stores are set for a major digital overhaul, and branded kiosks and touchsceens are to be rolled out in new locations. 

Telco boss David Thodey this week announced Digital First strategy, set to change the way the country largest telco interacts with its millions of customers, improve efficiency and give (the customer) greater control in managing their telecommunications needs. 
“We will be looking at every Telstra product and service to see if there is a way we can provide this through digital channels as well as in-store or over the phone,” he told AICC. 
Telstra’s store experience will evolve alongside the Digital First program, with the store network being connected to the digital ecosystem. 
“With regard to our retail presence, we expect this will expand through Digital First, and will include kiosks and touch screen locations along with our traditional retail store network,” a Telstra spokesman told Smarthouse.
Currently, customers cannot easily change their plan or add to bundles online. 
A standalone or instore kiosk could mean customers could up their mobile data requirements or add international roaming in minutes, without having to communicate with staff. 
There will also be subtle changes to Telstra’s store layout and service that will see digital enablement becoming a fixture of the service model, with more access to online channels like Live Chat or MyAccount.
The changes will allow Telstra Stores redefine their service model, creating a more customer centric relationship, the spokesperson said. 
A new technical support model will be rolled out this month where customers will be sent a code with their modem/mobile device which will provide plan and device information giving users the knowledge to change plans easier online.  
Telstra also plans integrated mapping to get technicians to jobs quicker, keeping customers updated on estimated arrival time. Telstra.com is now Telstra’s single biggest contact channel. 
Over six million visit the site each month logging on to MyAccount service or 24/7 Live Chat options. 
“We will continue to be guided by our customers and their demand for how we deliver services,” the spokesperson added.