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Samsung: We DIDN”T Copy Apple (We Were First)

Samsung: We DIDN

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Samsung were ‘firsts’ on a number of technologies, including high quality screens for mobiles, voice command, and larger screens – long before anyone had heard of ‘iPhone’ or ‘Siri’.

That’s what Samsung US head of strategy, Justin Denison, told a US court today as the trial between the Korean giant and Apple continues, reports WSJ.

But unlike Apple, who accuse it of slavishly copying the look and feel of its iPhone and iPad, Samsung didn’t get p**** off, when Apple followed the Koreans lead on mobile technology, or feel the rival “ripped off” its technologies, said Denison.

“What we would like to be able to do is compete in the market,” heĀ  told the Californian court.

Apple launched a Retina display on its devices two years after Samsung introduced high quality screens and released Siri for iPhone 4S last year, after Samsung release similar voice technologies, claims its strategy guru.

Apple also called in their expert witness, Peter Bressler, who told the court he had examined iPhone design patent and found that Samsung’s products most defintely infringed Apple’s unique technology.

The trial continues.