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US Senate Reinstates ZTE Trade Ban

The US Senate has put a trade ban back on the sales of US components to ZTE, reversing President Donald Trump’s move to lift the sanctions.

ZTE and President Trump came to an agreement where the Chinese company would pay $1.4bn in fines and have representatives from the Bureau of Industry and Security monitor the company’s actions for the next decade.

The senate voted 85-10 on a must-pass defense bill, according to The Wall Street Journal.

President Trump is expected to be in talks with congressional negotiators to try and reverse the senate’s decision through the final version of the defense authorisation bill.

The original penalty was the harshest handed down according to the US Commerce Secretary.

ZTE has violated US Sanctions and some intelligence officials claim the company’s equipment is spying on Americans.

This has been an ongoing battle between the Chinese company and the US government since 2016 when ZTE was caught selling American components to Iran, who was under US trade sanctions.

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