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US Airlines Drop Note7 Announcement As Samsung Reports 96% In Returns

Samsung has revealed that “by leveraging our digital technology to target each device, we’ve had over 96 percent of Galaxy Note7 phones returned to date.”

The move comes amid the decision by the U.S. Department of Transportation to no longer force airlines to make an announcement about the Note7 before take-off.

“Together with our wireless carriers, we have taken aggressive action to limit the remaining phones’ ability to work as mobile devices, further enhancing participation in the recall. We thank the Department of Transportation, airlines, airports, our partners and Note7 owners for their patience and support during this time,” Samsung said.

While Samsung has yet to fully recover the ground lost as a result of the loss of the Note7, it won’t hurt to stop reminding customers about the phablet’s disastrous recall.

Only last week at CES, the chief operating officer Tim Baxter insisted the tech giant was undeterred by the events of the last year and “will not, nor will we stop innovating.”

Recent reports say the company has investigated the device’s critical flaw for itself and may share its exact findings as soon as this month.

ChannelNews has reached out to Samsung, Qantas and Virgin to fully clarify the status of the pre-flight warnings for the device in Australia.

Virgin told us their ban is still in place while a Qantas spokesperson indicated they wouldn’t have an answer until later in the week.

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